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Modern Yacht Sales Expertise

In the digital age, Yacht Master Inc redefines the role of yacht brokers. While internet advertising has changed the game, our services remain essential. We ensure smooth transactions by verifying licenses, managing paperwork, and staying updated on market trends.

Our captivating photography, engaging videos, and personalized buyer connections set us apart, delivering results beyond online listings.

Yacht Master Inc.

Maritime Legal Team

YACHT master INC works directly with the Maritime legal team to ensure all transactions are legit and legal from the Jones act & international purchasing, to explaining the legal benefits of foreign flag registration. Business ownership, and holding funds in escrow.
maritime legal team
Broker’s Inspection: We can inspect vessels on your behalf and present you with an inspection report. While this report is not a substitute for a marine survey, it can help to separate the “Bristol boats” from the “Average” or “Potentially problematic”. Our inspection reports look at over key areas and can include areas of concern for you personally. we will include videos & photographs, along with a personal opinion of the overall condition. And seller comments. If any history can be found, that will be included also.

Yacht Master Inc.

Luxury Motor Yacht

From experience, one could say a luxury motor yacht is sometimes an impulsive purchase. Let’s Not just list your vessel…. let’s push it !! From LinkedIn & WhatsApp marketing to Facebook, Google & Instagram. we have found ways to reach buyers that may not necessarily be in the market to purchase a yacht. Fortunately for Us the heart wants what the heart wants!!

Yacht Master Inc.

Handful of Brokerages

we are one of only a handful of brokerages that utilize more than two or three Broker sites. With listings throughout Asia, South America, and North America we go the extra mile in reaching your purchaser

Do yacht brokers still have a place in the age of internet advertising? A Broker's Insights

  • Verify licenses and ownership paperwork
  • Check for any outstanding liens
  • Assist in recovering lost paperwork or obtaining certified copies
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of actual selling prices
  • Craft compelling boat descriptions that drive sales
  • Professional photography services to showcase your yacht
  • Create engaging video tours to attract potential buyers
  • Email yacht details to registered, active buyers seeking vessels like yours
  • Proactively reach out to buyers who have expressed interest in similar boats
  • Market your yacht through telephone outreach
  • Conduct in-person marketing efforts
  • Promote your yacht on exclusive broker websites such as
  • Showcase your yacht at prominent boat shows
  • Identify PR opportunities to enhance your yacht’s visibility
  • Collaborate with co-brokers in different geographic regions
  • Execute targeted advertising campaigns on your behalf
  • Respond to phone inquiries about your yacht
  • Address email inquiries promptly and professionally
  • Provide airport or train station pickup for potential buyers
  • Conduct captivating yacht viewings and feature demonstrations
  • Prepare and present your yacht impeccably before each viewing
  • Implement thorough screening to deter scammers and money launderers
  • Skillfully negotiate the selling price on your behalf
  • Create comprehensive contracts tailored to your needs, yacht, and the buyer
  • Securely handle the deposit for both parties
  • Carry appropriate insurance coverage for all involved parties
  • Coordinate and oversee sea trials
  • Attend and facilitate the survey process
  • Negotiate necessary adjustments following the survey
  • Safely manage the balance payment for both parties
  • Ensure accurate ownership transfer and draft the Bill of Sale
  • Establish a new, clear paper trail for all parties involved
  • Assist with registration or licensing requirements
  • Help arrange financing solutions
  • Offer guidance on securing suitable insurance coverage
  • Aid in locating an ideal berth for your yacht
  • Celebrate the handover with a toast, covering the drinks for all parties involved

Comprehensive Yacht Support

Yacht Master Inc offers more than internet listings. From face-to-face marketing to secure payment handling, we navigate complex transactions seamlessly. Our expertise ensures peace of mind for buyers and sellers, making us your trusted partner in modern yacht sales.
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