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Why sell with us?

Yacht brokers work entirely on commission. We don’t get paid until you sell. We offer non-exclusive services, meaning you can list with other brokers or try to sell on your own, while we work for you.

Your time is very valuable. We will sift through the buyers and filter out the fender kickers. We will prequalify buyers with our lenders prior to getting you involved. Financing can be very difficult in the marine world, but with us involved, the process need not be long and strenuous. We also can help value your boat with tools including the Nada Marine Appraisal Guide, the broker-only and by analyzing the current market.

The world has moved online. These days, we like to collect a much more in-depth portfolio of details consisting of upgrades, pictures and videos (including digital walkthroughs and drone footage). This is important when purchasers are deciding to travel outside the safety of their homes, often to a different city or country. We will go the extra mile to make them feel safe and that their time is worthwhile.

We don’t simply post your boat to a paid site and wait.. we currently utilize several paid websites/ platforms. Our social media marketing team will provide maximum exposure via the forms & groups that are relevant to your vessel and regularly updated.

Depending on your listing package, your vessel will get a small budget for “extra” adds exclusively pertaining to your vessel. Don’t be surprised if you or your friends stumble across your listing.

Selling your yacht with a professional yacht broker offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, a broker can provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the entire selling process, from accurately pricing your yacht to creating effective marketing strategies. Brokers also have access to an extensive network of potential buyers, including individuals and other brokers, which can significantly increase the visibility of your yacht in the marketplace. Additionally, brokers handle the complex paperwork and negotiation process, saving you time and ensuring a smooth transaction. Their industry knowledge and experience in yacht sales can help you navigate potential challenges and secure the best deal for your vessel. Overall, partnering with a yacht broker can streamline the selling process and maximize your chances of a successful sale.
Listing your yacht with us offers several key advantages. First, we provide access to a wider network of potential buyers, increasing the visibility of your yacht in the market. Second, we have experienced professionals who can guide you through the selling process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. Additionally, our platform is tailored to showcase your yacht in the best light, attracting serious buyers. Finally, by listing with us, you can leverage our marketing expertise and industry connections to reach qualified buyers who are actively seeking yachts like yours. These benefits combined make us the ideal partner for successfully selling your yacht.


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    Why use a broker to help you sell a boat?

    We know success isn’t about forcing clients to stick with things that aren’t working for them, or that just don’t feel right. That’s why we offer flexible month-to-month agreements. Or we can draft one just for your needs and wants. This is the Yacht Master difference.

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t have the need or want to “lock” you in. 6 months here, 1 year there. So we scraped the ” exclusive listing contract” because that defeats the purpose of being a boater. “To be free’ 

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