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Why sell with us?

Yacht brokers work entirely on commission. We don’t get paid until you sell. We offer non-exclusive services, meaning you can list with other brokers or try to sell on your own, while we work for you.

Your time is very valuable. We will sift through the buyers and filter out the fender kickers. We will prequalify buyers with our lenders prior to getting you involved. Financing can be very difficult in the marine world, but with us involved, the process need not be long and strenuous. We also can help value your boat with tools including the Nada Marine Appraisal Guide, the broker-only soldboats.com and by analyzing the current market.

The world has moved online. These days, we like to collect a much more in-depth portfolio of details consisting of upgrades, pictures and videos (including digital walkthroughs and drone footage). This is important when purchasers are deciding to travel outside the safety of their homes, often to a different city or country. We will go the extra mile to make them feel safe and that their time is worthwhile.
*Covid protocols: Your agent will disinfect/ sanitize and wipe down all surfaces before and after the showings take place. Customers will be provided with fresh booties masks and gloves should you or they wish to use them.
Upon request, we offer our sellers a staging service, in water or out…and not just for photos shoots and media, but for the actual walkthroughs as well. In water, we will help prep your vessel prior to showings, this could include deodorizing, changing the bedding, or setting live flowers. In drydock, we will set up a ladder for ease of boarding, as well as setting up heaters and adequate lighting.

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